A Celebration of Time

Seems that our obsessions are often supported by our significant others (in my case, enabling is a better way to describe my wife's tolerance for my watch obsession). But in this blog, my wife and I having celebrated our wedding anniversary recently, it's apparent that our "Celebration of Time" with the exchange of watches on our anniversary this past month seems more like love than anything else. She is after all the light of my life.

The morning of our anniversary we both surprised each other with two great watches. A 1928 Bulova "Miss America" with a vintage watch box for her and a 1931 Elgin "Avigo" for him.

Our Anniversary Gifts for Each Other.

The 1928 Bulova Miss America was marketed as a ladies "sports" model. The sports model was supplied with a leather strap as opposed to a silk grosgrain ribbon with clasp. A grosgrain ribbon strap was more typical of women's watches of the era. My wife's Miss America below is awaiting a special leather strap. The watch was produced through the 1930s and prior to 1928 the watch was marketed as a "Vassar"; seems the model name was simply a marketing decision as the two watches are identical.

My Wife's Anniversary Gift, the Bulova Miss America

The Miss America watch above features a beautiful intricate designed dial (watch face) along with coloured enamel and filagree work around the watch case.

1928 Bulova Watch ad with a Miss America (bottom row, third from left)

During the late 1920s and 1930s aviation was beginning to peak the interest of the public and aircraft flight was a new exciting transportation wonder. In recognition of the growing interest in aviation at this time, Elgin Watch Co., like many watch manufacturers of the day, began producing and marketing watches related to air travel. The Elgin Avigo is a product of that era.

My Anniversary Gift, a 1931 Elgin Avigo

The Avigo above is a great example of design during this era not only reflecting aviation but also with the embellishments of black enamel and engraved filagree on the watch case.

Elgin Avigo Watch Ad

The Elgin Avigo watch dial (the face of the watch) was also designed to resemble an Elgin aircraft instrument clock like the vintage one below they manufactured during the same period. 

Elgin Aircraft Clock

A happy anniversary to my wife, I love you very much.

Rhyme or Reason

I suppose there is rhyme and reason for my interest (obsession) with retro watches.

Perhaps the rhyme and reason is that I like watches from the 1930's like the Hamilton's below.

1930's Hamilton Watches (well actually the far left one is from 1929, the rest '30s)

Perhaps the rhyme and reason is that I collect Hamilton watches in general, like the ones below.

Some of my Hamilton collection 1930-1960

Perhaps the rhyme and reason is that I collect Bulova watches, like the ones below.

Some of my Bulova collection 1930-1960
Perhaps the rhyme and reason is that I collect Gruen watches, like the ones below.

Some fo my Gruen collection 1920-1960

Or perhaps there is no rhyme or reason, I just like retro watches.

Oh, by the way, that dealer catalog page I posted in my preview to this post, there was reason. Part of my Hamilton collection includes the Lindsay shown in the add and shown second photo from above, third from the left. It is my most recent "acquisition".

1953 Hamilton Lindsay, bottom right