Vacation Time

And what do you do on your vacation? If you're me, you scour second hand stores, vintage shops, pawn shops, jewelers, flea markets, swap meets and anywhere else you can think of where you might find a vintage watch while my wife searches for all things baking (while patiently waiting for me to finish).

This is our Vacation Time

Some of the finds from Arizona

The happy couple outside our home base in Mesa, Arizona
(I'm sporting an Illinois Marquis)
Our time in Arizona allowed us to relax around the pool, explore some great areas between Phoenix and Tucson searching for wild horses and javelinas, taking in a concert, attending a hockey game, eating great food and of course, taking LOTS OF TIME looking for watches. Our friends and my wife deserve a lot of thanks for being so patient with me when I kept saying "just a few more minutes" as I raced up and down aisles of stores.

A fraction of the stuff representing our recent Vacation Time
What better way to start a vacation (at least for me) with tables and tables of watches. This was the two-day Sunshine Regional Meet of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors in Fountain Hills, Arizona.  

Appreciation and many thanks to Artdecowristwatches and Hamiltonwatches for allowing me to shimmy up to them at their table and sell some of my watches (I sold more watches than I found as it turned out).

Next up, Zac Brown Band concert and an Arizona Coyotes hockey game (with searching through a couple of stores along the way like the Brass Armadillo in Goodyear).

Zac Brown Band at the AK-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix
I went to an Arizona Coyotes hockey game
and all I got was this hat
We hit all of the recommended stores (and then some), took in a few flea markets and swap meets but brought back only a few watches. Alas, the hunt was fun and everything else we did was awesome.

1930 Elgin from the Seniors Series found in Arizona
Interestingly, I didn't buy from a table at the watch meet in Fountain Hills but over a week later we came upon their store front Eternal Timepieces in Mesa and picked up a great Hamilton railroad grade pocket watch that has a Canadian dial - welcome back to Canada.

1952 Hamilton Railroad grade watch with the 24 hour dial made for the Canadian railway market
Interspersed with searching through shops like Call it New Call it Antique, Main Street Antique Mall, Midtown Mercantile Merchants, Patterns of the Past Antique Mall and many, many, many, many more, we stopped at our favorite foodie places along the way.

To die for coconut cream pie at the Cup Cafe in the Hotel Congress in Tucson
There is so much to do in Arizona. From the Grand Canyon and nearby Sedona to Tombstone to the Saguaro National Park, we know why we keep going back. And when I find a few watches along the way, bonus!

The sun setting on our Vacation Time in Arizona
Oh, while we had a home base, we did stay over in Tucson and we recommend the cutest Airbnb. While the location is an "up and coming neighborhood" you get the entire 1930s bungalow that is decorated in the coolest and hippest antiques; is hosted by the most awesome owner; and it is central to everything. Call Shannon next time you're there.

Our Airbnb in Tucson
Until next time Arizona.

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