Finding a place for time

Well, the lead up to actually having watches at a great place like Zeitgeist Vintage Store has been extremely rewarding and most interesting so far. The owner Dwane has been so supportive and accommodating. We have now "popped up" for our first weekend and we are set to go for the month of October on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We have been received so well and those coming through the store the first weekend have been most supportive; a big THANK YOU.


Zeitgeist Vintage Store - 833 Fort Street, Victoria B.C.

The prep work and set-up have been exciting, gruelling and so rewarding. Things have fallen into place so well that we came across a vintage cabinet in the most interesting place to help display and merchandise our vintage watches. And to top it off, its a perfect match to the cabinet that was already at Zeitgeist.

A new display cabinet

A special shout out and thanks to Janet at Fan Tan Home and Style for setting us up with this cabinet. As it turns out, the current cabinet at Zeitgeist came from Janet's store too. This story would not be complete without a shout out of where Janet's store is located here in Victoria - Canada's oldest Chinatown.

The amazing facade and architecture of Fan Tan Home & Style store in Chinatown

Fisgard Street, Chinatown's main street

Fan Tan Alley - a must see in Chinatown, once the home to opium dens

Time has now found a place so drop by the Zeitgeist store located at 833 Fort Street, Victoria B.C. and see all of our great curated vintage watches and the other incredible vintage and collectible pieces at the store. We are there for the month of October.

Hanging out in front of our display cabinets at Zeitgeist