2019 Christmas Show/Sale and Other Events

You may be familiar with my watch collection on Instagram (@inatimewatches) and that I part with a watch from time to time. I have found over the last number of years a growing interest from followers to have an opportunity to see these spectacular pieces in person. Not everyone is obsessed with watch collecting like me and may not necessarily know what they are looking at online, so seeing our vintage timepieces up close is important, especially if they are ready to buy one.

My wife and I ready for the crowds.

There are few venues for people to shop for vintage time pieces in person as there are very few retailers having substantive inventories of watches to choose from (although great places like Wanna Buy a Watch? in California exist); antique and vintage stores don't necessarily carry lots of watches to select from; and my experience with flea market finds is hit and miss and buyer beware. On top of that, someone looking for their first and perhaps only piece, can get overwhelmed with online hucksters or not know what to look for or be able to spot a fake watch (and sadly, there's lots out there). 

Let's not forget, its really about the watches!

Merchandising is half the fun!

I will even sell the watch off my own wrist!

We bring dozens of restored watches from the 1920s through the 1970s for both men and women with us to these shows. Our restoration includes a full servicing of the mechanical movement by an expert watchmaker, ultrasonic cleaning of the case (not polishing, 'cause we like original cases), new crystals as needed and perhaps a new watch strap (or an ultrasonically cleaned original bracelet). They are ready to wear and we will even warranty them!

If I'm at a show, I'm smiling!

So join us on November 17, 2019 for the Christmas Vintage, Retro & Collectible Show/Sale at the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, B.C. by the sea. Say hello, try on some watches and head home with a piece of history.

Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram (@inatimewatches) and keep up with our latest finds and restorations. And great news, we now restore and sell vintage fountain pens (we're bring some to the show) and you can see our sister Instagram site @inatimepens.