Here He Comes

As I've experienced over the years watch collecting can take you down so many different paths. One such path includes collecting watches associated with iconic characters (like Mickey Mouse below). 

1930s Mickey Mouse watch by Ingersoll

These characters were merchandised in many ways and often found their likeness on watches. I occasionally look for a first version Mickey Mouse wristwatch like the one above but I have not had luck with an example that is in fine condition.  I have not obsessed over these watches as I have over others so they didn't exist in my collection, until recently. Here he comes.

On a trip to Seattle this past summer to attend a concert, my wife and I stopped in the quaint seaside community of Port Townsend. Among other activities, we enjoyed a day of treasure hunting among the many shops of the community's historic district. 

Hello from Port Townsend
One of dozens of beautiful historic buildings in Port Townsend

While strolling along Port Townsend's main street (Water Street) we came upon Magpie Alley Antiques and Oddities, a shop filled with an eclectic mix of antiques, memorabilia and oddities. In a display case in the middle of the store we found a 1950s child's themed wristwatch with the character immortalized by Clarence E. Mulford in his children novels and portrayed on TV and screen by William Boyd - Hopalong Cassidy.

The outer  box of the Hopalong Cassidy watch

As we talked to the shopkeeper we discovered the watch was the shop owners watch, something she received new in the 1950s as a child. We were told she wore it a lot yet painstakingly looked after it during her childhood and then put away for decades as an adult. 

The full Hopalong set

This is a survivor! A fully intact watch with original strap, buckle, inner box display, warranty/instruction card and an outer box in such fine condition after 60+ years. Quit frankly we loved the story, marveled at the condition of the watch, loved the store, so we bought it.

The watch dial is also in superb condition!

Original buckle and leather strap

Port Townsend, with a population of just under 10,000 is located about two hours north of Seattle, Washington on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula. The drive from Seattle to Port Townsend takes you along a scenic ocean-side (mostly) route via highway, bridge and a choice of one of several state ferry routes.

Traveling on a Washington State ferry

BTW, if you were at all curious, the concert we traveled to attend was Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson (it was fantastic!).

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