A Tale of Two Watches

My latest project - a 1928 (or is it 1929) Bulova "Conqueror".

1928 Bulova Ad courtesy of mybulova.com

As a tale of two watches, I matched a dial and movement from a watch that had a case that was in really bad condition (1929) to a watch case (1928) that was in great shape. The movement model is the same between both years so I call it a match; purists may not think so. In the scheme of things, watch manufacturers did match stock of a model's case with stock of a later year movement.

I was so excited about the new watch that it hasn't been cleaned yet. The above photo shows how dirty a movement can become over time. It has a haze over it and you can see the discolouration from the dried oils used to lubricate it.

While the dial above has significant aging to it, it will remain unrestored. An original dial is only original once so I will for the moment forgoe having it refinished.

The photo above turned out rather unique. The watch sits in front of another recent acquisition - a 1935 Underwood Portable typewriter.

The typewriter works as great as it looks!

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