Double Trouble

Two peas in a pod, a bicycle built for two, two timing, the daily double, the terrible twos, double trouble. They seem to come it two's (or is it threes, yikes?).

I've noticed an interesting thing with collectors. Twos. Not two watches because lets face it, a collection of watches is not just two. No, the interesting observation is watch collectors seem to have a penchant for one other thing. Watches and model trains; watches and clocks; wrist watches and pocket watches; watches and PENS. Fountain pens! Yes, I've started collecting fountain pens.

Vintage Rolex and Sheaffer
c1940s Benrus watch and Eversharp "Skyline" fountain pen set
I believe I have rationalized the whole new collecting thing to the fact that generally speaking, at least for the fountain pens I am collecting, they seem a lot cheaper than wristwatches. And in addition, restoring and repairing a fountain pen seems so far a lot simpler and easier (and less costly). There are, just like wristwatches, the "luxury" brands but like most of my watch collection, my fountain pen foray is very humble.

c.1930 Illinois "Guardsman" and c.1940 Eversharp Skyline

Seems the first few fountain pens that I have been drawn to are the 1940s Eversharp "Skyline" line. A cool industrial design by Henry Dryfuss, a 14k gold semi-flexible nib, couldn't ask for much more. But then all of the celluloid striated Sheaffer and Parker pens are pretty cool too.

Henry Dryfuss also designed this, see the resemblance to the Skyline?

The anatomy of an Eversharp Skyline sans ink bladder (aka sac)
c.1930 Sheaffer's "Admiral" fountain pen set and Elgin "Avigo" wristwatch
My second collection, really not the terrible twos but I suspect my better half might think it as double trouble.

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